Pre-Construction Checklist

Landscape Architect and Contractor Pre-Construction Meeting Outline

Have the landscape architect, client, and contractor present to discuss construction issues prior to construction.

  1. Discuss who will contact the local utility service to mark underground utilities. This is typically the responsibility of the contractor. If it is not part of the contract, make sure it is clearly understood by all parties.
  2. Who has the responsibility for locating and marking underground lawn and sprinkler lines? The utility service will generally not locate lawn irrigation pipes, so this is the time to work together to identify sprinkler lines that other have installed.
  3. Identify a location for the delivery of materials before the project starts. The contractor should work with the homewoner to identify an accessible area for the delivery of building and landscape materials. Does the homeowner want to be present when materials are delivered? What is the most convenient access for the contractor's equipment.
  4. Discuss the local municipality's regulations regarding temporary street storage of materials and who is responsible for obtaining permits.
  5. Get agreement on samples so that there will be no surprises.
  6. If there are changes required that need a change order, ask who approves this (from both parties) and tell the homeowner what forms need to be completed.
  7. Discuss end of day clean-up after each work day.
  8. Ask the homeowner to keep all doors and windows closed during construction.
  9. Ask the homeowner to keep all pets and children away from the construction area.
  10. Discuss and set up a time, upon completion, to walk the job site for final project inspection and tell the customer that is when the final payment is expected.

Ground Rules Agreement

  1. What time will daily work begin and end?
  2. Can work be scheduled on weekends?
  3. If weekend work is an option, are there any special restrictions?
  4. If there is an after-hours emergency, who does the homeowner call?
  5. Who will you or the homewoner talk to about change orders? What is the best number to call?
  6. To whom does the homeowner take day-to-day comments and suggestions?
  7. When do you want weekly homeowner meeting to occur? Homeowner meetings bring the builder and homeowners together at regular intervals to address questions and review progress.
  8. Will any work areas need to be completely cleared by the homeowner? Most contractors will state in their contracts that they shall not be responsible for any valuables left in any area under construction. The possibility of accidents is too great.
  9. Where will workers store tool, equipment, and materials?
  10. Which outside areas will bear the brunt of construction activities and what protective measures can be taken?
  11. Does any landscaping need to be moved or protected?
  12. Is there any way to lessen the impact of construction?
  13. If there are pets, where will they be kept during construction?
  14. If there are children, what rules apply to them around the work site during working hours?
  15. What dust containment procedures will the contractor employ?
  16. Is it okay to use outside power outlets and water spigots?
  17. What kind of cleanup will take place at the end of each day?
  18. What restrictions, if any, are there on the use of the homeowners bathroom?
  19. Will there be a designated eating and smoking area?
  20. Are there any parking restrictions for the contractor to follow?
  21. If necessary, review the location of the dumpster and portable toilet.
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